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What are the advantages and disadvantages of plunger pump?

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Plunger pump is an important device in hydraulic system. It relies on the reciprocating movement of plunger in the cylinder block to change the volume of sealing working chamber to realize oil absorption and oil pressure.
Advantages of plunger pump:
1. High parameter: high rated pressure, high speed, high driving power of pump.
2. The efficiency is high, the volumetric efficiency is about 95%, and the total efficiency is about 90%.
3. Long life.
4. Variable is convenient and has many forms.
5. The weight of unit power is light.
6. The main parts of the plunger pump are under compression stress, so the material strength can be fully utilized.
Plunger pump has the following four disadvantages:
1. The structure is more complex and the number of parts is more.
2. The self absorption is poor.
3. The manufacturing process requires high cost.
4. The oil is sensitive to the pollution of the oil, which requires high filtering accuracy, and is necessary for use and maintenance