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What are the applications of hydraulic piston pump?

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The hydraulic piston pump or solid pump is driven by the hydraulic power pack. The hydraulic cylinder pushes the conveying cylinder and outputs the materials in the conveying cylinder to the pipeline. It is generally divided into single plunger pump and double plunger pump. Four kinds of solid pump produced by Putzmeister company in Germany are typical, which are Eko single plunger pump, Kos, KOV and HSP double plunger pumps. The pump is a positive displacement pump, which is especially suitable for long-distance pipeline transportation of high solid content and viscous materials. Its advantages are that the operation is very stable and reliable, but the noise is large, the conveying pressure can be as high as 130bar, and the displacement can reach 0.5 ~ 500m3 / h. It is widely used in sewage treatment, solid waste treatment, mining, metallurgy, dredging, petrochemical, power plant, cement industry and other fields.